DTSP! Welcome and great choice on a coastal city to explore! I made the decision to move here 18 months ago and have loved every second of it! It has much more than what I ever thought, to offer.

View from Albert Whitted Airport

Whatever it is you are looking for on your Florida vacation or day trip, St. Petersburg has it! So let’s get right to business

What’s cool about downtown St Petersburg is the small business community that makes it up! You won’t find chain restaurants, stores, or spas!

WHERE TO EAT: Chai mixology- for a great Boba tea, or poke bowl. The Lure- for a great take on sushi with an abundance of other options. The Oyster Bar- GET YOUR OYSTERS HERE! They have a great menu and a aphrodisiac hour from 4-5 for dollar oysters. Frescos waterfront Bistro- The best waterfront dining in DTSP! Here you will find a varying menu from seafood to chicken sandwiches.

Chai mixology
View from Frescos Waterfront Bistro


The active traveler: St Petersburg is a great destination where an active outside lifestyle is a personality trait of the city. In Northshore park you will find an outdoor gym right on the water front. Get that sweat in and catch a view of the dolphins. There are also volleyball courts at the northshore beach, where there is always a volleyball games going on- welcoming all players! Hop on a rent a bike anywhere downtown and explore the city on the city bikes. The downtown area is about 3-4 square miles and totally worth the ride around. Another perk of biking is the ability to weave in and out of allies to catch some beautiful murals.

NorthShore outdoor gym

The inquisitive traveler: There are tons of museums downtown all within walking distance of one another. 1) The Dali museum 2) The Chihuly collection. 3) The Holocaust museum.

The Shopper: On the rare rainy day in the Sunshine city, check out the local shops! You’ll find awesome boutiques in the sundial mall, on beach drive and central avenue.

While you’re downtown make sure the take a meander out on the NEW PIER! The pier features three restaurants, an amazing lighting optical, and outrageous playground (makes me wish I was a kid). Take the kids and dogs out here to let off some steam. The pier also features its own beach which gives you the options instead of driving to st Pete beach. There is also a beach at northshore park.

HEY! I’m Janelle(:

I DEEED it. I made a blog, and you’re here. Thanks for coming!

Me: A 24 year old woman making her damn way in this world! From the great city of Philadelphia (or a little ‘burb you’ve never heard of), Ole Miss Alumna with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science, and current BSN student thriving in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida

MY THINGS: First and foremost; health and wellness (because how much can we do, unwell¿), exploring; the natural world, beautiful foreign architecture, new cities, and little niches in my own town. Lastly, I’m always on the lookout for a good deal, ranging from a sandwich deal to travel finds!

THE GOLDEN BOYS: The actual lights of my life. My two dogs, Eli and Scout. The best adventures partners, they’re always up for anything… plus the cuddles don’t suck(:

I’ve learned in life that it can be pretty ugly, people can be ugly. But we’re in control of the beauty we chose to see as well as the ugly we chose to see. Therefore, photography is something I love in capturing the Beauty of these moments for me. I’m not a “photographer” but you will definitely seeing the beauty of my world through the lense of my iphone(: